Monday, January 25, 2010

"Roof Top Garden Club, Hotel Utah", 2010 by Anthony Ithuralde, Anthony has referenced photographs of gatherings at the Hotel Utah in dowtown Salt Lake City from the 1920's. In this painting he portrays a typical roof top dinner/dance of the period but he inserts same sex couples as part of the gathering.

"Where Do We Draw the Line?", 2010 by Irene Stapleford, collage, image transfer and painting on board, Irene states of her piece: "If it's not acceptable to embrace or kiss in public, what about other kinds of more subtle, yet just as intimate interactions? Direct gazes can be thoroughly intimate. I used images from water safety and swimming instruction manuals to illustrate public physical contact which is generally considered perfectly acceptable. The piece includes text which asks the question: "Isn't every public interaction potentially intimate?"

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