Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artwork from PDA Show Being Auctioned to benefit the Utah Pride Center

"Untitled" by Tory Wright (NC), 2010, cut paper collage, 11" x 8 1/2", starting bid price $25.00

"May I See You Home My Dear", 2009, by Mathew Hamon (WA). $25.00. 24" x 18", hand colored silkscreen on paper. starting bid price $25.00

"First Kiss" by Jennifer Combe (WA), 2010, book parts on canvas, 24" x 18" starting bid price $25.00

"Untitled (PDA#2)" by Paul Valadez (TX), 2009, oil on canvas. starting bid price $25.00

"Hope Springs Eternal (Gay is Good)" by Paul Evans (CA), 2010. Mixed media on paper, framed, 15" x 12". starting bid price $25.00

"Legally Tender" by Adriane Herman (ME), 2010. Offset lithography (printed stamps), 8" x 8", starting bid price $30.00

"The Law is for the Protection of the People" by Nick Davis (AL), 2009, acrylic on wood,

12" x 7", starting bid price $25.00

"Kissing Bobbies" (from the series mark making England, 2005) by Lewis Cranston (UT) digital print, 12" x 18", starting bid price $25.00

"Clean" by Kimya Dawson (WA), 2010, mixed media, 11" x 9 1/2", starting bid price $25.00

"Underground Heart" by Davina Pallone, 2010, oil on panel, 8" x 8", starting bid price $25.00

1. If you are interested in bidding on an artwork simply email me, Laura Sharp Wilson @ sharplaura@mindspring.com and your email address will be put on the auction update list, you will automatically updated on the lastest bid prices every couple of days or when prices change.

2. All bids will be accepted until Tuesday April 20.

3. 90% of all proceeds will go directly to The Utah Pride Center, http://www.utahpridecenter.org/ which offers support, services and activities for Utah's LGBT community.

4. Artwork can be picked up in Salt Lake City for local buyers, for those out of town work can be easily shipped at a reasonable cost.

5. For more information please contact Laura Sharp Wilson, sharplaura@mindspring.com or 360 349-6973.

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